Rogue Advertising Part 2

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A follow-up from my post yesterday about the Nissan Rogue and their new advertising.

I’m jealous of the boys at Chiat:

Reminds me of the new Wired article posted last week:

When Reality Feels Like Playing a Game, a New Reality Has Begun

Chroma Blog Post about the merger of gaming and reality.

Adfreak Blog Post about the Rogue campaign.


A New Take on In-Game Advertising

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Did you see me lay down the law?

Absolutely brilliant strategy. The mid-size truck always gets a bad rap. Everyone is familiar with the mullet-and-gun machismo that is a full-size pickup spot, but how often do you look at an ad for a mid-size truck and feel cool? Tundra has some competition from the likes of Ford, Chevy, and GMC, but Tacoma is playing in a league of its own.