We are Anti-Modern

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PSFK posted an article on a new, exclusive, invitation-only social network called Metrofunk.  The concept for this social network is described as “nightlife, fashion, sound and music.”

This sounds like a bad :30 for a vodka brand.  Visions of chicks with daddy issues sucking on an ice cubes surrounded by dashing metrosexuals come to mind.

But what did catch my eye was an image PSFK copied from the Metrofunk homepage and posted on their site:


What is this design called?  It has been popping up all over the place for at least five years (probably longer if you have lived in Brooklyn).  It is the mark of a hipster, the fashion of the decade, and yet I can’t seem to find anyone that has firmly marked it as the symbol of design post-grunge.

I looked around for an answer to my question, and all I got was this from Wikipedia (not sourced…but I like it):

In the ’00s, as the future began to seem increasingly bleak, fashion, and indeed the Arts in general, looked to the past for inspiration, arguably more so than in previous decades. Vintage clothing, especially from the Sixties, Seventies, and Eighties became extremely popular and fashion designers often sought to emulate bygone styles in their collections. The early ’00s saw a continuation of the minimalist look of the Nineties in high fashion.

Later on, designers began to adopt a more colorful, feminine, excessive, and ‘anti-modern’ look. 

Yes yes, we all know this decade is about postmodern art: the “bleak” end of the road.  The 80s are back, as are the 90s, as are the 50s, 60s and 70s for that matter.  There are no new layers to uncover, only existing layers to inhibit.

BUT, this (lack of) style aside, the design from Metrofunk is not really a part of any decade.  It is quintessentially part of this decade.  Anti-modern is to the 00s as grunge was to my adolescence.

Examples are best found in t-shirt design: